Our Journey

We are the third-generation traditional artists belonging to a family from Madhubani, Bihar. Madhubani Motifs is our creative brainchild to contribute towards the enrichment of this beautiful cultural heritage and take the legacy forward in the best way possible. Mithila/Madhubani art is one of the most ancient folk-art traditions that originated in the Mithila region (parts of Bihar, An Eastern state in India, and neighboring country Nepal sharing the cultural bond), which is still alive and pretty much in practice. Growing up in an artistic ambiance we witnessed art being created in its most natural form which has a huge influence on our lives. We have been practicing since an early age; during religious ceremonies, marriages, and for other rituals happening around us. At Madhubani Motifs we experiment a lot and create various innovative lifestyle products using the narratives from this beautiful folk art, to include it more into our lives. Every product that is put across goes through a whole cycle of ideation, brainstorming, designing, creation and presentation. This cycle takes weeks, sometimes months, of dedicated work but the result is always a celebration of our rich ancient art and craft tradition of India. Our motive is to design products that convey the authentic essence of Mithila art while also carrying modern aesthetics well. All our products are handmade with precision and care. We hope to add artistic charm to your life through our products. Cheers!!

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